Flagship Summer Programs in China


Students in the Chinese Language Flagship Program are encouraged to have at least one overseas experience before the required Flagship Overseas Capstone Program (OCP). Students may apply for admission to study at one of the Flagship approved summer programs. Each program offers special advantages for students at varying proficiency levels. Students should work with the director and Flagship staff from their home institutions to identify the best possible academic fit. Limited Flagship funding is available for these approved programs. American Councils for International Education in cooperation with each domestic institution, manages this part of the overseas program.

Flagship Approved Summer Programs

Location Summer 2015 ProgramsDeadlineDatesEstimated Cost
Bejing, China Associated College in China (ACC) 2/15/15 6/18-8/14 $9,290
Shanghai, China CIEE Summer Accelerated Language Program 4/1/15 6/28-8/22 $9,550
Beijing, China Inter-University Program (IUP) 1/29/15 6/14-8/14 $9,031
Taipei, Taiwan International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) 1/16/15 6/8-8/18 $5,500
Beijing, China Princeton in Beijing (PIB) 1/31/15 6/19-8/16 $8,200
Indiana, USA University of Indiana (FCI) 2/15/15 6/5-7/31 $5,265 + travel

Summer Program Assessment

Students participating in the Flagship funded summer programs take the ACTFL reading and listening tests before and after program attendance. These tests help Flagship gauge the effectiveness of the programs and provide a recognized measure of language ability.